The Winter Better Health Initiative

At Main Street Medical Centre, we are focused on improving health outcomes for our Asthma and COPD patients. By securing funding from the Primary Health Network, we have developed the Winter Better Health initiative to complement our vaccination clinics and offer these patients additional support. All patients who suffer from asthma and COPD are eligible for a free health education session and medication review when they attend a Flu or COVID-19 vaccination.

If this applies to you, call 6495 2555 to book your vaccination and advise our friendly staff that you would like to see our in-clinic Pharmacist during your visit

What to expect

After receiving a vaccination, you are required to wait 15 minutes so that we can monitor for any adverse reactions.

During this time, our in-clinic Pharmacist Halley will invite you to participate in a discussion about your health condition and medications, including:

  • Medication review and education
  • Reviewing inhalers, looking for potential areas to optimise their benefits for lung function
  • Inhaler technique review and education
  • Referral to resources through MedicineWise as required

Halley will also provide you with a ‘Pocket Profile’ Medication List – personalised for you and small enough to fit in your wallet.

Why are we doing this?

Medications are only effective if you are using them correctly, and it has come to our attention that 90% of patients’ inhaler technique could be improved. We are dedicated to improving your quality of life – and research has shown that patients being better educated and more involved with their healthcare leads to better health outcomes.

If you suffer from asthma/COPD and are interested in having a session with our Pharmacist Halley, please call us on 6495 2555.

More information

Information on how to be medicine wise (NPS MedicineWise)

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