Bega Valley Skin Cancer ClinicBega Valley Skin Cancer Clinic

The Bega Valley Skin Cancer Clinic has developed after an increased demand for a skin cancer screening, early detection, education and treatment. The service has developed as a separate clinic from Main Street Medical Centres General Practice Service.

Australia has one of the highest incidence of skin cancers on the world. This includes melanoma which apart of from prevention the most effective cure is early detection. The Bega Valley with its beach and out door lifestyle may pose additional risk in the development of skin cancer.

In recent statistics our region (South Coast NSW) has 1.4 times the incidence of Melanoma compared to the rest of NSW.  Also, our regions five year survival rate of Melanoma is 79% compared to 85% when compared to the rest of NSW.  It is even more important in our area that we focus on prevention, early detection and treatment of skin concerns.

Doctors and nurses that work at our clinic have had additional training in skin cancer surgery which permits our clinic to offer treatment to more complex surgical treatments. We hope that the majority of patients we treat at our clinic will lessen the burden on our public health system thereby offering efficient and timely treatments to most skin cancers. More complicated and risky procedures after defection are still revered to appropriate skilled surgeons.

Services Include

  • Skin checks and screening 
  • Identifying high risk individuals 
  • Education and Prevention 
  • Surgical removal of skin cancers both simple and complicated
  • Non surgical treatment of skin cancers and premalignant conditions


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